Parking Eye

Parking Eye Proposition – Commencing 5th August 2020

Thank you to all our patients who provided feedback on our proposal to introduce Parking Eye to the car park. I am pleased to say that an overwhelming number of our patients felt this would be beneficial. Our decision to ask our patients about this follows a sustained period of mis-use of our private car parking facilities.

I am pleased to be able to advise all our patients that the surgery has now decided to introduce the ‘Parking Eye’ solution.

We hope this will improve the availability of car park spaces for patients that need to use the facilities located in Kingswood Health Centre, including Action Potential and the Well Pharmacy.

We will be implementing Parking Eye on 5th August 2020.

Our patients and clients using our car parking facilities that may be parked for more than 20 minutes will need to input their registration number in a simple tablet/computer located in the Waiting Room area. During the Coronavirus pandemic, a member of our Patient Care Navigation team will input this for you and confirm the details back to you. Please can we ask you take note of your registration number when arriving for your appointment.

The car park is not, and has never been, for the use of patients using other local services.

Should anyone mis-use our private parking facility after the introduction of Parking Eye, they will receive a fine in the post. The decision cannot be overturned unless you contact the surgery and we are able to clarify with you the details of when you used our services and for what reason.